About Us

We love what we do because it’s for you!

WHO: Russell Up Some Buns™, or RUSBuns™ for short, is a home-based bakery business consisting of a husband and wife team (Terry & Wendy Russell) and occasionally our children.

WHAT: We craft some of the best tasting buns (cinnamon, cheese, and canary) from our fully licensed commercial bakery in Calgary. Varieties are traditional, gluten free, and vegan (some exceptions) with bun sizes of regular and mini (some exceptions).

WHERE: We focus on the Southwest region of Calgary. It may be out of your way but we believe that our products are worth the effort to pick up. We deliver to limited areas near the Southland Leisure Centre (T2W & T2V postal codes) and we have a few predetermined free pickup and delivery locations to choose from.

WHEN: We bake from Monday to Saturday with two days’ notice required. Place an order and select the date you would like your product.

WHY: “Nothing compares to homemade”. Make your next treat, family gathering, work event or visit with a cherished friend extra special by ordering some of our delicious buns today.

Company History

No, our products have been developed over time. Our first product was the cinnamon bun that Wendy started and Terry calls this CB1. Then came our cheese bun which Terry calls CB2. A while later we created a seed bun and Terry had to call it CB3 but seed can’t be spelled with a C, so it became our canary bun.

The gluten free and the vegan products were developed next with the help of friends and lots of tweeking to figure out the right  combination of ingredients.

Our last name Russell fits very well into the name of our company. My wife Wendy is a very wise woman and she came up with the name. We use RUSBuns™, which is the acronym for our company name, in our email address rusbuns@telus.net. Both “Russell Up Some Buns™” and “RUSBuns™” are registered trademarks. Thanks to Lorraine Pinsent of MLTAikins, LLP for her assistance with these trademarks.

Terry volunteered with CPS in a community police station & he asked Wendy to occasionally make cinnamon buns for the officers and the volunteers. The buns were very popular and Terry kept asking for more buns whereby Wendy suggested he learn how to make them. Terry tweaked the recipe a bit and the cinnamon buns remain very popular.

Yes, the company took several years to get to the point of officially opening in 2017. We had tremendous support from several friends who helped with the construction of our commercial kitchen: Brian Kiist – framing, Murray Koeker – exterior & interior doors, Barry Kraemer – exterior door framing, Paul Barnett – exterior door framing, Mike Donison – electrical, Arnie Johnson – plumbing & gas fitting, Michael Forkheim – cement work, Samuel & Sawyer Russell – drywall, Ovi Bindiu – business card & company logo.

Two men deserve special appreciation for going above & beyond the call of friendship: Mike South – planning, designing, measuring more than twice!, cutting once, and a few road trips to Home Depot or Rona, and Gerry Trodd – ceiling tile expert and website planning, design and build, working with programmers for site customizations and far too many email requests from Terry ie. “Ger, can we do this or change that?”.

Company Information

Yes, we have our City of Calgary business license and we have our Food Handling Permit and Mobile Vendor Permit from Alberta Health Services. Both of these organizations were very professional to deal with.

No, we are a home-based business operating in southwest Calgary.

We are a husband and wife team that crafts some of the best tasting buns in Calgary. Occasionally our children assist us in our commercial kitchen. Our company motto is “Nothing compares to homemade”.

An 82 year old customer told us that these were the most amazing buns she had ever tasted. That kind of life experience is difficult to refute.

Another lady who tried our traditional cinnamon buns stated that they “reminded me of my childhood”.

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